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Telehealth Visits Mainstream for 2019 Plans

Telehealth Visits Mainstream for 2019 Plans

The buzz about Telehealth will grow to a roar in 2019.  It makes sense - sometimes you are pretty sure you know what is wrong with you and you just need a prescription (see: myself and my third round of strep last year).  Sometimes you feel terrible and just don’t want to leave the house. Sometimes you’re fairly sure that you are contagious, and don’t want to give your germs to others (or get theirs!).  Good news! Both of the area’s primary insurance companies are embracing Telehealth visits standard on their plans for 2019.

Physicians Health Plan has partnered with American Well or AmWell to provide internet based visits from board certified doctors 24 hours a day.  They are suggesting telehealth vitis for things like: allergies, sinus infection, migraine, bronchitis, stomach flu, pneumonia, pink eye, vertigo, fly, gout, UTI, rash and many others.  PHP members can use Amwell for only $5 per visit, EXCEPT for those that have HSA or HDHPs. Mental health visits may also be included.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is also launching their own Telehealth program, which is also through the AmWell system.  This will be available for all BCBS and BCN clients. The cost of the visits varies by plan, a representative told me, but clients can expect to pay between $10 and $30 depending on the plan that they have.  Blue Cross also boasts psychiatry as an option with their telehealth visits.

None of the plans will be requiring any clients to use Telehealth.  But at a significant cost savings from an Urgent Care visit, it may be worth looking into!


For more information, here are the customer services numbers:

PHP: 1-844-733-3627

BCBS/BCN: 1-844-606-1608


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