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Michigan Life Insurance And Annuity Search

Michigan Life Insurance And Annuity Search

It is devastating with a friend of family member passes away.  Often the sorrow of the loss can be debilitating, and finding life insurance and annuity information takes a back seat.  Sometimes the loss can be unexpected, and even though we all know that we should keep all of our life insurance and annuity information in a logical place, that doesn’t always happen.


When the dust has settled and it is time to settle the estate, it is natural to wonder if you’ve gotten everything that the deceased had in regards to life insurance and/or annuities.  The Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services has a service to help you make sure that you find all of the policies that your loved one had.


Go to to fill out a form that will allow the primary beneficiary to access that information.


A few notes:

  1. This information will only be given to an authorized representative

  2. The policy had to be written in Michigan

  3. Most, but not all companies take part in this service.  If you have information for a life or annuity policy that does not come up for this search, make sure to reach out to the company directly



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